This is graduation week. What this lesson looks like differs, depending on your local community. If all of your local game stores have established reputations with the Judge community, you need to focus less on working with new Tournament Organizers, and instead on some of the more mechanical operations, such as using WER, Head Judge announcements or taking calls.

On the other hand, if graduates of the class will be spreading out, and returning to LGSs where the store owner has never worked with a Judge before, make sure to include suggestions on how to deal with TOs, how to negotiate compensation, what materials are needed for an event, and other basics.

Like week seven, this lesson focuses more on the soft skills than technical knowledge, and consequently, there is no quiz. However, for both lessons seven and eight, performing live Judge Calls is a good way to help your class. Develop scenarios from your experience judging Regular REL events, and call over your candidates to dig into your problems. This allows you to discuss posturing, body language and presentation when your candidates deliver rulings in a low stress environment.