Delving into state-based actions, we start to go over some of the more complex rules. For many, the jump between SBAs and triggered abilities is easy to make. Both say “If A, then B.” Because of this, we choose to run SBAs before Layers.

The key element of the SBAs lesson is not the rote memorization of the twenty-some SBAs that exist, but rather an understand of why they exist - which is to clean up the game without player interference. Imagine, if you would, a player being able to Stifle the death of a creature due to combat damage.

Don’t forget the Planechase and Archenemy SBA’s, and don’t forget to have fun with them.

This lesson also covers Replacement Effects. Like SBAs and Triggered Abilities, Replacement Effects are If-Then statements. To strengthen the comparison to SBAs, they can’t be responded to - they just happen. To strengthen the comparison to Triggered Abilities - they come from cards, not the game rules.