In week seven, we begin to transition from technical knowledge to the soft skills and Judge program philosophy. There is not an associated presentation or quiz for this lesson. Instead, we recommend that you print out multiple copies of the JAR, and distribute them to the class. Go over the document, sentence by sentence.

The JAR was developed with excruciating exactness. The entire philosophy of Regular REL events, the most common sanctioned Magic tournaments, is covered in a mere two pages. Have an open conversation, and involve the group in thinking about why the Judge program approaches regular REL the way it does.

When you get to the common issues segment, you have the framework of the comprehensive rules, as covered in the previous six weeks, to help you handle the fixes and understand the issues of any given scenario. Combine that with the philosophy outlined in the first segment of the document, and your candidates can begin to see how the Judge program handles all sorts of situations that occur at tournaments.

Take time to cover Generally Unwanted Behaviors and Serious Problems. These are important to discuss, and Judge candidates should that in the event that they run into one of these, they have resources, either yourself, or other Judges within the community, who can provide any assistance required.